Find my IP address

You are connected to the internet from this IP address:

What is an IP address ?

When you connect to the internet (or a local network) with your computer, telephone or tablet, you are identified in a unique way through your IP (Internet protocol) address. An IP address can be compared to a postal address or telephone number. Therefore your IP address corresponds to your visible public address on the Internet and constitutes your digital identity.

Always fixed ?

The IP address is automatically attributed by your internet service provider, either permanently (fixed IP) or provisionally (dynamic IP). The fixed IP is provided definitively by your provider and does not change throughout your subscription. The dynamic IP, on the contrary, is renewed for each session you are connected.

What does an IP address look like ?

The most common format of IP addresses in the v4 version which consists of 4 numbers from 0 to 255 separated by dots or full stops (for example: As this generation of IP addresses is reaching saturation point there is a gradual progression towards the new v6 protocol that offers various advantages relating to the combinations. Our website supplies your address in the v4 format.

What does it do ?

By knowing your IP address, you can for example contact or control your computer from a distance, participate in different online games etc...